Men's Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt Canary Yellow

Community Clothing’s new drop shoulder sweatshirt features the hallmarks of the classic sports sweatshirt upon which it was based

- 470g Premium thickness 100% loopback cotton

- Rib Collar, cuffs and hem

- Front V stitching below collar

- Drop Shoulder

- Knitted in Leicester using 100% cotton yarns from Portugal

- Cut, stitched and sewn in Blackburn, UK

Care Instructions:

This is a 100% natural cotton product. It is normal for this product to exhibit a small amount of shrinkage after the first couple of washes, typically between 1% and 4%. To minimise shrinkage, we suggest that you wash this garment on a gentle wash at a low temperature, do not tumble dry and iron once dry.

We recommend that to save water, reduce detergent usage, reduce energy consumption and to extend the life of this garment that you wash it as infrequently as is practical.