Image of No Black Friday No Sale Ever statement with image of socks

At Community Clothing we never have a sale. Instead we sell our fantastic British made clothes at the lowest price we can every single day of the year.

People are often horrified to discover that its standard practice for premium clothing brands to mark up their manufacturing costs about five or six times. So even when they take 70% off in their big Black Friday sales they’re still making a profit.

At Community Clothing we think this is crazy. Our mark ups are less than a third of those other brands and our prices are too.

Take our everyday socksfor example. We make them in a fantastic mill in Leicestershire that’s been making socks for the best British brands since 1895. They cost £2.90 to make and we sell them for just £4.83 a pair. You can buy the same quality of sock, knitted in the very same mill, from a well-known premium brand for over £20. At 70% off that’s still more than we sell ours for 365 days of the year.

Never having a sale is just one of many ways Community Clothing is doing things differently. Our unique business model means we can make in the best British factories, from the best natural raw materials, and still sell at affordably low prices every day. That’s great for you, great for our factories and their amazing staff, and great for our local economy too.

No Black Friday. No Sale. Ever.