Jeans that create jobs in Lancashire, jumpers that create jobs in Scotland, coats that create jobs in Yorkshire, socks that create jobs in the Midlands, pants that create jobs in Wales. When you shop with usyou’re directly creating skilled jobs in regions of the UK with a proud tradition of making exceptional quality clothing, regions suffering high levels of social and economic deprivations, jobs where they’re needed most.

Fashion has created two big problems. 

  1. The drive for cheaper and cheaper clothes has led to the loss of over 1.5 millions jobs in the UK textile industry in the past 50 years causing huge economic and societal damage 
  2. The way we make and consume clothing today is causing huge damage to people and the planet 

We solve the problem with fashion in a simple way. We don’t do it. 

The Vibes are Good    

It’s not just about jobs and the hard economic numbers. Great businesses can be a huge force for good in less easily quantifiable ways. 

It’s your money. Where do you want it to go? 

When you shop with us over 90% of your money stays here in the UK economy supporting good jobs in hard working communities. 

When you shop with Community Clothing your money stays in the local economy (think where your money goes when you shop with other brands), and this money, gets spent locally creating yet more value in the local economy in a virtuous cycle. This means that every £1 you spend with us can create almost £3 of local economic value.