Watch the campaign film

Watch the campaign film

Not many people know this but until not that long ago the best pants in the world were made in Wales. They made the Wonderbra in Pontllanfraith. But then one by one the factories closed and a proud manufacturing tradition was lost.  

But the people and their wonderful skills remain. At Community Clothing we’re all about making great clothes and, by doing that, creating great jobs. With your help, we’d like to restart underwear manufacturing in the South Wales valleys.  

Please support our campaign by pre-ordering today. 

We have trunks, briefs and Y fronts for men. And we have high rise pants, briefs and thongs, a soft jersey bra, a soft bralette, and a cami top for women.

They’re really good. Our women’s range is made from a super soft 100% organic cotton single jersey; the men’s from a soft but durable 100% organic cotton interlock: all knitted right here in the UK. We use only the highest quality elastics, every style has been extensively wear-tested, and every piece is hand sewn by our exceptional seamstresses in South Wales.  

You won’t find underwear this good at even twice the price. 

The regular prices for our women's collection are £9 per pair for pants and £14 to £18 for bras and tops. men's pants are £12 a pair. However pre-order today and we’ll give you a nice little discount.

To restart the factory we need a minimum production run of 5,000 pieces (ideally we’d like twice that number).  

That’s where you come in. Pre-order with us today and not only will you feel great knowing you’re helping kickstart skilled jobs in a part of the UK that really needs them.

We hope that your product will be despatched around 8 to 12 weeks from the date of pre-order. If anything changes, we’ll keep you posted. 

Honestly, you’ll be very hard pressed to find better, at any price. They use the lowest impact cotton, they’re 100% made here in the UK meaning almost zero transport, and clean UK energy for production, and because of the quality they’ll last longer meaning even smaller environmental impact.

Buying our pants is a good thing. They’re good for you (we think you’ll love wearing them), they’re good for the planet, and they’re good for the fantastic folk who make them.   

So a big thank you from all of us for supporting our campaign.