Community Clothing Sponsors Hawick Rugby Club


Community Clothing are proud to sponsor Hawick Rugby Football Club (HRFC). Known as 'The Greens’, their historic home at Mansfield Park is just a short walk from the two knitwear factories in Hawick where our fantastic quality lambswool knitwear is produced!

Last Saturday saw Hawick crowned 2022/23 Men's Premiership Champions' with a fantastic home victory over Currie Chieftains in the final, bringing the title back to Mansfield Park for the first time in 21 years. We couldn't be more pleased for the team, the club and the town. And even more so because without the help of huge numbers of local volunteers (and the help of Musselburgh race course who lent them the covers) the match would not have gone ahead.

Vice President of Hawick RFC Malcom Grant explained, “Leading up to the final the weather turned very cold and we had to cover the pitch to protect it from freezing. Then it snowed and we had to clear it quickly before it melted and left us with a swimming pool, ready to freeze again. Volunteers turned up in huge numbers to help and make sure the match could go ahead. That community spirit is what won the game for the lads, and for the town".

At Community Clothing we are all about creating and sustaining skilled local jobs, supporting great British manufacturers, and helping rebuild prosperity and pride in our textile communities. Sponsoring local clubs and societies in the towns where we make our clothes is part of that mission. Hawick's win was down to a combination of the team's skill, hard work, and resilience but also to a big helping of community spirit.


We know that a great fit is vital so we go to great lengths to ensure that every pair of jeans we sell fits as well as they can do. One of the ways we achieve this is by testing our fits on a panel made up of denim wearers of all shapes and sizes.

Our test panel is made up of professional fit models alongside regular Community Clothing customers all of shapes and sizes who give up their time to help you get the best fitting jeans possible.

If you would like to volunteer to join the fit or wear test panel please sign up to Our Community and we will let you have details when places become available. 


We make our cotton shorts to the same exacting standards as our cotton trousers. They are available year round in flat front and pleated styles in a range of colours. ​

They are made in the same British factory, from the same exceptional quality 7.5oz pure cotton twill, that we use for our chinos.


At CC we don’t just strive for flawless fit we engineer our chinos for exceptional comfort and durability. To achieve this we start with the best quality fabric, and sew our chinos without compromise in a factory which knows all there is to know about making hardwearing clothing. ​

We source all of the fabrics for our men’s chinos from Brisbane Moss of Todmorden in West Yorkshire. They have over 100 years experience in sourcing and manufacturing the best quality cotton fabrics specialising in cotton raising, for the making of moleskins and corduroys. Today they bring that breadth of technical knowledge to bear on the design and sourcing of their range of exceptional trouser fabrics, including pure cotton twills, plains and panamas, and stretch cottons, commission weaving and finishing at trusted partner mills. 

We make our chinos at Cookson & Clegg in Blackburn. Established in 1860 their dedicated team of craftspeople have a long history in producing exceptional quality legwear and were supplier to the British Army of combat clothing for over 70 years. ​