We want to make clothes, create jobs and restore pride

Founded by British Fashion Designer Patrick Grant, Community Clothing is a social enterprise with a simple mission - to make excellent quality affordable clothes for men and women, to create great jobs for skilled workers and by doing this help to restore real pride in Britain’s textile communities.
The UK clothing industry faces many challenges. On top of already intense competition from cheap labour markets one of the biggest challenges the UK factories face is the seasonality of demand. For several months of every year even the very best factories are operating at well below full capacity. Community Clothing was launched in 2016 to address this exact issue.
By utilising the space capacity in these quiet periods to make a range of stylish, great quality, British-made clothing, we are able to create job opportunity and stability for those within the industry. By thinking differently, we can fill our partner factories year round and help ensure these great factories remain in business. We currently work with 19 factories and key suppliers in the UK. We’d like that number to keep growing. Importantly, we don’t just want to save them; we want to see them thrive.
 Every factory receives a fair price for its goods, and every worker is paid at least the National Living Wage. We do not compromise on the quality of our materials, or the strength of our design. We strive to ensure our British-made garments are affordable and to do this we sell directly to our customers, cutting out the usual wholesale and retail costs. We work hard to keep our margins small because we want as many people as possible to play a part in this project. We support local projects connected to employability and skills training because we believe in doing business better.
Because we’re a social enterprise we measure our success by tracking social impact and sales at the same time. And it’s working: so far we’ve created over 13000 hours of skilled manufacturing work. Every time you buy a piece of Community Clothing you contribute to this number. Together we can reenergise British manufacturing, to shore up and celebrate generations of expertise and endeavour within our garment industry.
We want to create a cycle of positive value for workers and for customers – making clothes we can all feel proud of. This means we don’t go on sale or slash our prices at the end of every season, we don’t need to entice you with an artificial bargain and we don’t have dead stock to shift. Our clothes are made to last and they represent great value all year round. You can support by shopping for as little as £2.50 (for a pair of our very excellent socks).
We want to make clothes, create jobs and restore pride.