Great jeans, made From premium sustainable denim,
made right here in the UK 

Finest sustainable and ethical denim 

Finest sustainable selvedge denim

*(OR Why our socks are the best value socks you can buy)

People are often horrified to discover that its standard practice for clothing brands to mark up their manufacturing costs by five times or more. So only around 20% of the price you pay for an item actually goes on making it (and it can be less than 10% if you buy from designer brands). That’s because most brands spend huge amounts of money on things like expensive advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsements, launching thousands of new products and so on. ​

At Community Clothing we don’t do any of that, instead we prefer to spend our money on the important thing which is making great product. We work on mark-ups that are about a third of most other brands which means about 65% of the price you pay goes to the people who make our clothes. Put another way you’re getting about three times the value for your money. 

Take our Everyday socks for example. They’re made from premium quality British and Portuguese yarns in a factory in Leicestershire that’s been making the finest quality socks since 1895. These socks cost £2.90 to produce and retail at just £4.83 per pair. That same sock would cost you well over £15 at any other brand. Or look at it another way, if you spend £5 on a sock from anybody else you’ll be getting about £1 worth of sock. Either way you look at it you’re paying too much.


At Community Clothing we are proud to do things differently. Our innovative business model cuts out most of the usual cost of designing and selling clothes meaning we can sell exceptional quality clothes, made in exceptional UK factories, at surprisingly affordable prices. We’re proud to support fantastic skilled jobs in the UK’s textile communities, and to be working to localise every stage of the production of every one of our products. And we’re proud of the product we make. We use the finest sustainable natural cotton, wool and linen fabrics and we never compromise on the way we make our clothes. We are confident you wont find clothing this good at even twice the price. ​

We believe that everybody should be able to buy great quality, great looking clothes that are sustainably and ethically made. So we strive to make every garment we sell as affordable as it can be.

​Great clothes, at great prices, supporting great jobs. That’s our promise.