We're called Community Clothing because we're from the community and for the community; textile workers, their families, friends and neighbours, our collaborators, and the broader community of people who support what we do.


This short film was made by Director Tom Wilson who himself has family connections to the textile industry here in Lancashire. The film showcases the talent, creativity, diversity, generosity and fellowship that characterises the places where we make our clothes.


Director: Tom Wilson  

DOP: Bogdan Filip 

 Producer: Studioset  

 Edit: Bogdan Jugureanu 

 VFX: Ironic Distors + Calin Bogdacenco 

 Music: Arme 

Sound FX + mix: Ina Bozdog 

Colour grade: Sander Van Wijk + The Talent Group 

 Lenses thanks to: Marcian Lazar 


With special thanks to Blackburn Council, Claire Turner, Rachel Wilkinson, Nudrat Mughal, Nick Cooney, Blackburn Youth Zone, Mubashar Khaliq, Kerris Casey-St. Pierre, The Bureau Centre for the Arts, Jamie Holman, Blackburn College and everyone who appeared in the film.


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