The first thing that strikes you about the county of Lancashire is just how green it is. There’s a very good reason for that. ​

Its no accident that the county of Lancashire has a long history of producing the worlds finest cotton textiles. Cotton spinning need humidity, and humidity Lancashire has in abundance. What the people of Lancashire don’t know about rain isn’t worth knowing.

​From the launch of our very first outerwear product we have partnered with British Millerain of Rochdale in Lancashire for the production of the exceptional quality waterproof cotton fabrics used in our rainwear. Established in 1880 they patented their first wax rainproofing process back in 1890 and have remained world leaders in sustainable waterproofed cotton ever since. The fabrics they produce for us are highly water repellent, free from harmful PFCs, are breathable and machine washable (without losing their waterproof properties). ​

Every piece of Community Clothing rainwear is cut and sewn in Lancashire too, at Cookson & Clegg in Blackburn, manufacturers of protective apparel since 1860. In their over 160 year history they have supplied clothing to explorers, mountaineers and the military. They make outerwear that has kept people dry in the world’s most testing conditions, from the arctic, to the streets of Manchester.​



Simple. Because if you bought a raincoat the quality of ours from another premium brand that’s what it’d cost. 

Our raincoats are hand cut and sewn in premium fabrics in a an exceptional factory which produces waterproof coats and jackets for some of the UK’s best known designer brands. They're expensive to make. But because our mark-ups are around a third of those other brands our prices are too. 

To find out more about our unique pricing model click here.


We offer a great range of waterproof coats and jackets for men and women.

For men we offer a raincoat or mac, car coat, field jacket, Harrington jacket, parka, mountain parka, in coated pure cotton twill fabrics, finished with either CFC-free waterproof cotton or a dry wax cotton finish, in navy, khaki or beige and military olive. We also make short runs of our classic styles in deadstock fabrics when these become available.

For women we offer a raincoat or mac, a trench coat, and a mountain parka, all made in a durable pure cotton waterproof twill.

In addition to our rainproof coats we also offer a classic cotton chore jacketfor men and women, and a pure wool pea coat for men and women, made from an exceptional quality wool melton made by W. Hainsworth of Pudsey in Leeds.


We know that a great fit is vital so we go to great lengths to ensure that every pair of jeans we sell fits as well as they can do. One of the ways we achieve this is by testing our fits on a panel made up of denim wearers of all shapes and sizes.

Our test panel is made up of professional fit models alongside regular Community Clothing customers all of shapes and sizes who give up their time to help you get the best fitting jeans possible.

If you would like to volunteer to join the fit or wear test panel please sign up to Our Community and we will let you have details when places become available. 


We make our cotton shorts to the same exacting standards as our cotton trousers. They are available year round in flat front and pleated styles in a range of colours. ​

They are made in the same British factory, from the same exceptional quality 7.5oz pure cotton twill, that we use for our chinos.


At CC we don’t just strive for flawless fit we engineer our chinos for exceptional comfort and durability. To achieve this we start with the best quality fabric, and sew our chinos without compromise in a factory which knows all there is to know about making hardwearing clothing. ​

We source all of the fabrics for our men’s chinos from Brisbane Moss of Todmorden in West Yorkshire. They have over 100 years experience in sourcing and manufacturing the best quality cotton fabrics specialising in cotton raising, for the making of moleskins and corduroys. Today they bring that breadth of technical knowledge to bear on the design and sourcing of their range of exceptional trouser fabrics, including pure cotton twills, plains and panamas, and stretch cottons, commission weaving and finishing at trusted partner mills. 

We make our chinos at Cookson & Clegg in Blackburn. Established in 1860 their dedicated team of craftspeople have a long history in producing exceptional quality legwear and were supplier to the British Army of combat clothing for over 70 years. ​