At Community Clothing we know how to make great clothes and we take great pride in doing just that. But we also take great pride in selling them to you at honest affordable prices.

Take our heritage sweatshirts for example. They’re cut and sewn in a clothing factory in Blackburn that dates back 160 years, using a luxurious 480g pure cotton loopback jersey that is knitted in a Leicestershire mill that has been knitting cotton jersey for two generations.

This kind of quality usually comes with a hefty price tag, but not at Community Clothing. Our unique pricing model means that we mark our prices up less than a third of most other brands. So our £40 sweatshirt really would be £120 from most other premium brands.

And we use that same incredibly low mark up on every product we make, from the humble sock, to the loftiest pea coat. How do we do that? Well its down to our radically different business model which cut out all the usual costs of designing and selling clothes.

We’re making great clothes, we’re selling them at great prices, and we’re supporting local economy.  


At Community Clothing we are proud to do things differently. Our innovative business model cuts out most of the usual cost of designing and selling clothes meaning we can sell exceptional quality clothes, made in exceptional UK factories, at surprisingly affordable prices. We’re proud to support amazing local craftspeople, and to help support a thriving local textile economy. We're working hard to localise every stage of the production of every one of our products. And we're very proud of the product we make. We use the finest sustainable natural cotton, wool and linen fabrics and we never compromise on the way we make our clothes. We are confident you wont find clothing this good at even twice the price. ​We believe that everybody should be able to buy great quality, great looking clothes that are sustainably and ethically made. So we strive to make every garment we sell as affordable as it can be. ​

Great clothes, at great prices, supporting local communities. That’s our promise.