We are delighted to announce that Community Clothing have teamed up with E.Tautz to relaunch the field trouser. 
Join us at the We Invented The Weekend festival in Manchester on Saturday 3rd June. From noon ‘til 4pm, Will will be drawing on T-shirts, postcards and anything else you care to bring that he can doodle on.
Quayside Media City | Saturday 3rd & 4th June | 10am - 6pm
Whatever your views on the monarchy, one thing is for sure: the coronation has been a fantastic boost for the business of some of Britain’s longest established clothing manufacturers.

Local photographers & UCLan Fashion Promotion & Marketing students shoot the Sanderson Bookbinders team wearing Community Clothing, in their historic mill located in Preston, Lancashire.

Polar explorer Wendy Searle is on a mission to get more people into adventure, particularly more women and those from less privileged backgrounds. She hopes they’ll go on to do things like she’s done. Things, that is, like skiing solo across Antarctica to the South Pole.
We love the market because it’s so much more than just a place to shop, it’s very much the beating heart of the community.
It’s International Women's Day and we are celebrating all of the talented & hardworking women here at Community Clothing.
How do the King’s Guards keep out the cold and rain? Easy, they wear tunics made from the most fantastic pure wool melton cloth made by AW Hainsworth of Pudsey in West Yorkshire.